Monday, September 05, 2005

Famous Last Words

All quiet on the blog front? Why is that?

When I said that 'im indoors was expecting me to be struck by lightening through the keyboard "sacrificed on the altar of the blog", I did not realise quite how prophetic those words would turn out to be.

Last Wednesday evening, the electricity substation at the bottom of the carpark at "The Bell" (where I work and about 50 yards from my house) was struck by lightening. It knocked out the power and sent a surge of electricity down the phone line which set the roof on fire. The fire was put out before it did too much damage and things are getting back to what passes for "normal" round here.

However, the power surge also fried my modem and my computer has had to go into hospital. There is no news of the patient yet. I am hoping that normal service will resume as soon as possible.

I am able to access emails and blog comments on my sister-in-law's computer, (she of the blue button-hole bag and definitely not a Barbie), so if anyone wants to send commiserations, chocolate, yarn or cyber hugs, they are very welcome.


KnitYoga said...

Oh, my God! Definitely lots of cyber hugs! I've got a surge blocker on the electric socket that my computer's plugged into which I think (hope) prevents that from happening. Hope the patient makes a quick recovery and is discharged soon!

Daisy said...

That sounds really scary. Glad you're all OK and hope the computer feels better soon. I'm thinking about getting a surge protector thing (as Hazel mentioned) now...

Also lots of cyber hugs, cyber chocolate & cyber yarn etc etc

Luscious Gracious said...

Yikes, Kate!!
Glad to hear that you are ok, and that the damage is relatively minor. I hope that you are knitting to relieve the stress, and that things will be back to normal for you in the electronic arena soon. Until then, I am eating chocolate and drinking jasmine tea in your honor!