Saturday, January 31, 2009

As Promised

Here, then, as promised are pictures of Fulmar.

The front:

Close-up of some cables:

Close-up of the welt:

I cannot say I am particularly impressed with the pattern transition from welt to body. It doesn't exactly flow - the one stops; the other starts. I would have thought Ms Starmore might have given this kind of design issue some thought considering she is so very precious about her work -remember all that performance about people being told off for mentioning her name in their Ebay auctions? There's an article from the Seattle Times if you are faintly interested. Personally, I'd rather be knitting. I wonder if one of these is winging its way to me, even as I type?

The back is also finished and looks remarkably similar to the front. I have started the one sleeve:

The going is extremely slow (but slightly faster now I've got the hang of making cables without recourse to a cable needle) because, in order to get the correct gauge, I find myself using 2.5mm needles. I am, in effect, knitting an Aran jumper on sock needles. What possessed me? Why do I put myself through it? It is a beautiful pattern. What can I say?

This is last week's back field, taken by #1 daughter, who is quite handy with a camera:

We are threatened with snow on Monday and if that comes to pass, I'll certainly give you a picture.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch Up

Something I didn't mention in my list of items done, done, done in my last post was the dodecahedron:

and here it is in the hand of #1 daughter (who happens to be wearing the asymmetric wrist warmers I made with the angora that Lixie sent me all those months ago):

'Im indoors asked, "What's it for?" Whereupon I threw it at him and said, "It's for throwing at people who ask stupid questions." (it's also good for throwing at the TV when one can bear it no longer.)

I used some Regia sock yarn in the Brasil colourway and 2mm dpns. The pattern, should you want one for your very own, is here. It's not hard to make, though the final point is a bit of a fiddle. It was fun.

I have also finished Cinxia from Knitty. Here's the back:

and here's the side:

Here's a close-up of the button that I added - a find in the "boutique" aka Charity/Thrift Shop:

I used some of the yarn I bought at in Yorkshire at SkipNorth last year. The good news is that I'm going again in March - excitement is mounting and I'm preparing my stash fund.

That's all for now. Pictures of the start of Lyra; Fulmar; the sock blanket and news of designing a cabled waistcoat/vest thingie (technical term) will follow.

I leave you with this article from "The Daily Telegraph" - she's knitted a brain?? I thought I was off the wall with the 'flu virus but a brain?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Black Dog 1, Blog 0

The Black Dog has certainly been dogging my footsteps and the blog has suffered. There has, of course, been knitting - even at my very lowest I can usually manage to pick up a needle.

I blocked the three squares that make up the Estonian Potpourri :

and fastened them together in the rather strange (but ingenious) way the pattern directs. I then tackled the border, which required picking up stitches all the way around. There were a great many stitches on the needle at the end of it but eventually it was finished, even though it involved a number of the dreaded nupps.

Speaking of nupps - I have, it seems, been mispronouncing their name. That is, if this video is to be believed. Nancy Bush demonstrates how to knit one of the pesky little fellows and she says "nupp" to rhyme with "soup" (and not "cup", as I've been saying all along).

The border is done but needs to be blocked and I just haven't been able to raise the enthusiasm for crawling around on my hands and knees. I will certainly have to do it before I go to SkipNorth in March. It will be an essential item in the "what did you make with all the yarn you bought last year" questions which I know will be forthcoming.

There has been plenty of other knitting - Cinxia from Knitty, done; a hat for Diego, done; 371 squares of the sock yarn blanket, done; Fulmar, resurrected, back and front, done; Lyra, started; but pictures and all that jazz will have to wait because now I have to go to work.

Now the days are getting lighter and the Black Dog is slinking off, I'm hoping to blog a little more and knit a lot more.