Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another FO

Here's the little jacket/bolero thingie, finally finished. It started life as a moss stitch cardigan (what was I thinking??) and ended up being this. I definitely prefer this incarnation. It's a bit chilly round the mid-section at the moment but it certainly won't be as the year wears on. The pattern calls for a large button at the neck. I don't happen to have a large button at hand right now, so have used a hair slide. Any suggestions as to large button suppliers, preferably in the UK, would be welcome, although I expect the hair slide will become a permanent fixture.

Read the full story on the FO2007 blog. (and thanks to Marie for helping me out with a technical hitch.)

Many thanks to Ginny for her comment about the shawl percentage calculator - that's a really useful thing to have.

A small amount of progress has been made on the Romance Shawl - I have started Cupid's Arrows. I still haven't decided whether to dye the body of the shawl or not. Anybody have any experience in this area?

Time to go and put a few more books into that Library Thing, I think.


Marie said...

It's lovely! I was flipping through a fashion magazine this afternoon and came across a bolero just like yours, and it cost GBP 240!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely jacket and the hair slide looks really pretty. As far as buttons go, Woolly Workshop have some nice one by a Jersey artist called Rosemary Blackmore

allisonmariecat said...

I love the jacket/bolero thing! And your name for it :)