Friday, February 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm home. Didn't know I'd been away? I didn't know I was going.

I was dashed into hospital (again) last week with a recurrence of the old asthma. We are still not sure what caused this particular flare-up but a combination of factors seems to be to blame. (Infection, cat (see below) and weather.)

I'm home again now, still feeling a little wobbly (and absolutely exhausted - it seems to me that you need to be at the peak of physical fitness to withstand a stay in hospital) but substantially on the mend.

One casualty (apart from me) has been Beelzebub - she really wasn't helping, what with my allergy and all. She has been "re-homed" by the very nice people at the Mid-Warwickshire Branch of the Cats' Protection League and I wish her every happiness. It feels quite strange not to receive my morning mouse.

'Im indoors was, of course, required to bring the necessities of life to me in my hospital bed. I had actually had the presence of mind to snatch up a pair of socks-in-progress as I was carted away but (wo)man cannot live by socks alone. Although I asked him to bring the Romance Shawl he managed to bring me "Fulmar". In a way this was just as well, for if I don't get a move on with it, it really is going to turn into the ten year sweater (beating the five year sweater into a cocked hat). I certainly caused a stir, sitting in bed with my knitting while wearing the "gas mask".

Once home, I felt like knitting something that would be quick and give me a sense of achievement. I've had my eye on "Ene's Scarf", Nancy Bush's pattern in "Scarf Style" for quite a while. When my eye fell on a cone of unknown yarn I knew it was time to start. The only thing I know about this yarn is that it says "386 Orchid Lot 24112" inside. I can't even remember where I bought it (or why!). I didn't bother with a swatch. (Really, Kate?) I set off with 4mm needles and hoped for the best. I think it turned out rather well.

Here she is in her unblocked state:

and here's the border:

She's soaking in hair conditioner at the moment, prior to blocking. Glamour shots later.

What's this going to be?

Yummy colours. Though I was a little concerned when I saw this:

Looks like two totally different dye lots (or even colours!). A check on the ball band revealed that I was mistaken - this is the same shade and the same dye lot.

I am not allowing myself to worry about this at the moment. We shall see.

Here's the beginning:

Answers on a postcard.

Because you missed the back field in the snow (so did I, if it's any consolation), I give you the garden in the snow:

I know it's not the back field and it's not Saturday, so bite me.


Heather said...

Welcome back! Hope you are feeling better now.

Love the Gedifra yarn, it is a great colour. Where did you get it and what is the yarn called?

Kat said...

i love the scarf. was the pattern very easy to achieve? and how much yarn did it use?

maryannlucy said...

Glad to hear you are back...look after yourself

allisonmariecat said...

I'm glad Beelzebub has a new home, and that you're better. Lovely, lovely works you have in progress.