Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Let's Knit"

I blame it all on Fleegle's Blog. There it was that I first became aware of this delightful pattern book (in this post if you want to read a nice comparison between the new "Lace Style"book and "Elegance Knit", a book in the "Let's Knit" series).

I couldn't resist. I tracked it down, I ordered it, it arrived today. There is just one small drawback - it's in Japanese. Not such a drawback for the Japanese speakers amongst you but I bit of a hurdle for me.

The main reason I bought this book was for this pattern:

Lovely. I really like the way the edging is an integral part of the whole design, rather than being something tacked on at the end because we have to finish this thing somehow.

The pattern itself gave me a bit of pause:

Maybe I should start with something I'm a little bit more familiar with? Like a shawl:

The pattern for this does look a little bit less intimidating:

I'm sorry to say the words "Oh yes, this looks easy." came out of my mouth. As any one of you who has invoked the wrath of the knitting Goddess will know, this is a prelude to cursing, swearing, loud yelling, ripping out and possibly sending the thing flying across the room. We shall see.

I am not attempting this with no help whatsoever. There is a page to help with the Basics of Japanese Knitting and more information about how to read Japanese Charts here.

If there does happen to be a Japanese speaker reading this blog, please consider yourself on stand-by for when I come shrieking for help with half of the hair torn out of my head. Please?

Let's Knit? Let's give it a try and see how we get on.


Marguerite said...

I have that book on order and can hardly wait to get my hands on it. Beautiful designs.

Will be watching your shawl adventures with great interest.

Jane said...

Great resource for information on trying to use those lovely but difficult to read Japanese patterns! Good luck with your efforts!

Mary-Lou said...

Will be watching with great interest to see how you get on with the Japanese book. Your comments on US vs Japanese knitting very interesting - I normally feel like that about the difference between UK vs US ... don't even like to consider UK vs Japanese :)

Queen Frogger said...

That certainly is a beautiful pattern, good luck! I couldn't even begin to contemplate Japanese patterns as I have trouble with English language ones at the best of times!

jacqueline said...

that is a wonderful book. my credit card is kinda wishing you didn't share it though.

i do have a hint for you. marianne kinzel's first book of modern lace knitting has a tablecloth, which i have actually seen knitting up into a shawl somewhere. it is,

anyway, that book is readily available and most libraries should have it. (if not inter-library loan) if you get a copy it might help you as a starting point with deciphering some of the japanese patterns.