Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm obsessed

I'm obsessed with the sock yarn blanket. It's growing like Topsy. I keep thinking, "Just one more square and then I'll go to bed/do the washing up/cook the dinner/go to work" (delete as appropriate).

We are up to ninety-seven squares. It sounds a lot but it doesn't look much:

I did say that I would just go and buy the sock yarn but I went whizzing into my LYS the other day, only to find a very limited supply of Regia and plenty of ultra-costly Araucania. Needless to say, I didn't bite. Jo's shop, Crafty Cottage, in Warwick has closed down (boo-hoo!), so no joy there. It's ordering on-line or begging from my readers. I'm not above begging, so if you really can't help yourself - send sock yarn!

I am taking the green star shawl very slowly, possibly because of the aforementioned obsession, and am at round 54. No picture - it's the usual lace knitter's photographic nightmare - a pile of dental floss. In this case it's olive green but to all intents and purposes, it's dental floss.

The Wrap Me Up Wrap is blocking even as I write:

Here's the picot hem:

This is the ruffle:

and here's a lace rib panel:

It's taking much longer to dry than a lace shawl, so it's good that today has been the hottest day of the year to date (69F). I'm sorry I can't do the temperature in centigrade- I had my head round it perfectly when I lived in Italy but when I bought 'im indoors a fancy thermometer with indoor and outdoor readings and he set it to Fahrenheit - well, that was it. I don't know if I'm coming or going. Suffice it to say that today was hot and the wrap is drying nicely. It should be dry by tomorrow and then it's just a case of putting an edging on the long sides and a dragon's tooth edging on one of the short ends and I am done. Just in time for it to be too warm to wear.

Spring appears to have sprung here in the rural backwater - I leave you with the back field "in the green".

(Later in the day my "friends" were lurking but I gave them a very wide berth.)


KnitstressMary said...

You are not alone in your obsession, there is a group of us on Ravelry that share your obsession. We just had a yarn swap one of the US and one for the UK. It went so easily I am sure we will do it again. Come join us on Ravelry

Knitstress Mary

allisonmariecat said...

Wow, you HAVE been working on your blanket! It looks great with all the different colors (I know that sounds like something you'd say about a small child's artwork, but I mean that the very different colorways somehow come together). When I looked for my sock yarn leftovers to start my own blanket, I couldn't find them. Surely I didn't throw them out. If I find them, I'd be happy to send some on to you, as my to-knit list for the year was already over-ambitious, and I don't think I need a filler project.

Love the details on the Wrap Me Up! Lovely springy colors.

Kemma said...

Oh my, I have *GOT* to get my parcel in the post to you before you run out of yarn!

Diane Armstrong said...

Haven't you found web of Wool in Leamington yet, stuffed full with sock yarn...

littlelixie said...

Have got a bag lying about full of part balls. Will fling some in your general direction (which seems to be about as close as royal mail can get when moving parcels around).

Annie said...

Can we see the wrap in all its glory, please? It looks lovely...
Please take a look at my blog and consider yourself tagged, if you'd like to, of course.

Lisa said...

I, too, have been sucked into the sock blankie vortex. I joined the group on Ravelry and did my first two squares yesterday. It was stealth knitting so my daughter wouldn't see and scream, "What's THAT??? A new project??" (Of course, then I just look at her feet and scream, "What's THAT?? A new pair of shoes??"

Anyway, gotta go search for my leftovers for the next couple of squares.