Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ester is Finished

I finished Ester. Here she is in the garden:

I think it's turned out rather well. It's just the job for this time of the year when it's neither hot nor cold but you just need something on your shoulders. It did use up quite a lot of yarn - no bad thing with that green stuff.

Here she is from the side:

Although the blurb says you can wear this either way up, it feels more comfortable for me to wear it this way, so I have added a button to join the front. I didn't bother with a button hole but just sewed the thing together and attached the button over the top. It does mean I can't wear the shrug open and I do need to put it on over my head but this is not really a problem.

This was a quick, easy knit - gave me plenty of practice in making cables without recourse to a cable needle and used up oodles (tt) of the bright green tape, so all in all, a good thing. I'm thinking it might be nice in a slightly fuzzy (tt) yarn. Not so fuzzy that the cables are obliterated but just fuzzy enough to give a slight halo (this is a real technical term) - something like Rowan Kid Classic (if it hasn't been discontinued, something that Rowan is constantly doing. Don't get me started.) I'd probably have to use the yarn doubled to get the gauge, although the pattern is so straightforward, it wouldn't be difficult to adjust for any yarn.

For those who are interested the Sock Blanket is at 287 squares and looking good - I work on it while watching TV that I can't take my eyes off - a great deal of work is going on during the snooker.

The weather at the weekend was lovely, which makes quite a change. I spent some time visiting the Domestic Fowl Trust at Honeybourne (because I'm thinking of getting some chickens) and driving there made me realise how lovely England is.

Even the back field looks nice bathed in sunshine:

I'd better get on with a few more nupps.


steel breeze said...

Wow - lovely job! How's U?!

Kelly said...

Beautiful shrug! I learned to do cables without a cable needle a few years ago, and I love it. Cables hardley slow me down at all anymore.

I finally started my Wrap Me Up (we talked online about it several months ago...remember me?). I started it about 10 days ago, and I'm almost done - just have the long edges to do. Very addictive/fun project! I'll put photos on my Ravelry page with I'm done.

allisonmariecat said...

Just the thing for the green yarn! Ester is lovely, especially out in the glorious back field.

287?! Wow, that's impressive.

steel breeze said...

You have won an award - see my blog!

LivM said...

Lovely job, and a beatiful shrug!

Susanne said...

Black dog visiting???