Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch Up

Something I didn't mention in my list of items done, done, done in my last post was the dodecahedron:

and here it is in the hand of #1 daughter (who happens to be wearing the asymmetric wrist warmers I made with the angora that Lixie sent me all those months ago):

'Im indoors asked, "What's it for?" Whereupon I threw it at him and said, "It's for throwing at people who ask stupid questions." (it's also good for throwing at the TV when one can bear it no longer.)

I used some Regia sock yarn in the Brasil colourway and 2mm dpns. The pattern, should you want one for your very own, is here. It's not hard to make, though the final point is a bit of a fiddle. It was fun.

I have also finished Cinxia from Knitty. Here's the back:

and here's the side:

Here's a close-up of the button that I added - a find in the "boutique" aka Charity/Thrift Shop:

I used some of the yarn I bought at in Yorkshire at SkipNorth last year. The good news is that I'm going again in March - excitement is mounting and I'm preparing my stash fund.

That's all for now. Pictures of the start of Lyra; Fulmar; the sock blanket and news of designing a cabled waistcoat/vest thingie (technical term) will follow.

I leave you with this article from "The Daily Telegraph" - she's knitted a brain?? I thought I was off the wall with the 'flu virus but a brain?


Anonymous said...

The dodecahedron is so cute! WHat a great way to use up yarn and make a unique gift.

Kat said...

The dodecahedron is amazing!

allisonmariecat said...

"What's it for?" -- Does he have a death wish? I love the dodecahedron. So colorful and fun.

Ah, Cinxia! Love it. The colors, the buttons--what a nice combo.