Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Even more yarn

You saw some of my haul in the last post but there is more.

The ever-generous Sue gave me some skinny stuff:

I don't quite know what that's going to turn into but something will present itself.

There is some Shetland cobweb (aka very, very skinny):

170g, only £5. I'm thinking I might have another bash at the Wedding Ring Shawl now that the trauma of having to frog the first one has abated somewhat.

I got this cone of unknown green stuff:

from the yarn mountain at KCG. I don't know what it is, apart from that it's two different green yarns wound (not plied) together and it only cost £1.

I'm supposed to be knitting on the Soay sheep jumper (of which more later) but I want to be knitting lace.

I'm weak, what can I say:

This is the beginning of Peacock Feathers from Fiddlesticks. I have knitted this once already but it wasn't the right yarn for the job and it sat, unloved, until a m**h got it. It really was only a small bite but I had never liked it and I threw it away. Yes, right in the bin. Out it went. This is going to be much better.

I am knitting on the Soay jumper. I am. Honestly.

The owner of the sheep (and hence the yarn) wanted me to knit Alice Starmore's St Brigid. It's a pattern that I really like and have in my mental queue but, after some swatching (yes, you heard) it became obvious that this is not the yarn for it.

We have a revised plan - the big, fat plait from St B, a honeycomb panel in the middle and all based on Janet Szabo's Son of Aran.

I did the maths. I swatched. I have something resembling a jumper.

You start with the saddles:

Here's the fat plait, which I have bordered with a simple four stitch twist:

and this is the honeycomb panel:

Even though it's not St Brigid, we still wanted to retain the cable round the neck:

and that's exactly what I did. I haven't added the ribbing as AS did because I don't think it's needed. I shall have to consult with the wearer, of course.

The whole thing needs to be 27" long. At present it's 22" and it's not going to get any bigger unless I stop messing with the computer and start knitting.

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allisonmariecat said...

Oh, all the lovely yarn finds! I don't blame you for starting on the green lace.

The cable around the neck is gorgeous! What a nice touch.