Monday, December 12, 2005

All wrapped up.

Many thanks to all who commiserated with me over the wrap disaster. I know it's only a wrap and doesn't really need to fit but when I put it on and it slipped right down, off my body and I ended up standing in a circle of green knitting, then I knew I was going to have to do something about it. It's all done and dusted now:

Here's a picture of the back of the wrap. It is really rather nice and lovely and warm. It is only fitting that I should have had to do one last little bit of frogging with this yarn. I've had this yarn in my stash for maybe 20 years. It never really told me what it wanted to be and I've started at least 5 or 6 projects with it and then decided it wasn't right and frogged the lot. I think it is finally at peace with itself.

Remember ages ago when that woman got in touch saying she was writing an article for "Simply Knitting" magazine about knitting bloggers and could she inclued me? Well, as far as I know the article was due to appear in either the December issue (on sale November) or the January issue (on sale December). It wasn't in the December issue, so I expected it to be in the January one. Due to an administrative error I managed to end up with two copies of said magazine, only to find that the article does not appear in this issue either. I said at the time I didn't mind being in the mag as long as I didn't have to make any of the ghastly patterns in there. I thought that might mean I would be drummed out of the service but it didn't seem to matter (although the article hasn't actually appeared yet, so maybe they have taken it to heart after all!)

The magazine has definitely not improved with time. We have a Crochet Shawl; we have three wine bottle cosies (I ask you, life's too short to knit a bottle cosy, especially one made with Wendy "Chic" (not) - a white eyelash yarn); we have a cotton jumper for a man that is just boring; we have a "practical and cosy ice scraper mitten" that looks like a shapeless blob; we have a "soft and funky" cushion cover (we need a pattern for a cushion cover now, it would be too easy to make it up as you go along); we have the piece de resistence (and my personal favourite), we have Muffin the Mule. It has to be seen to be believed, I assure you. The best reader's letter contains a picture of a mobile phone cozy made of cut up orange nylon satsuma bags and fastened with a button made with a sardine can ring pull. She has won a prize of "The Knitter's Bible" - we can only hope that she reads, marks, learns and inwardly digests and then maybe knits something halfway decent.

Last picture of the wrap:

Maybe I should fasten it with a sardine can ring pull?

What to knit next? More on the Garden Shawl and maybe, just maybe, the Shoulder Cozy from the Wrap Book. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super-chunky. Mmmmm.


Marie said...

The wrap looks lovely, and really cosy! I so agree on the wine bottle warmers. I'm always a little surprised to see people find the time to knit silly little things when there is lace and fair isle and cables to knit, and too little time for it all.

handknit168 said...

first time to read yr blog. The wrap is fashionable.

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Mary-Lou said...

The wrap's lovely - do I remember you saying it was a Norah Gaughan design? - I've often thought the weird red top / wrap / thing with the woven cable edging (the one iin most of the ads for - iirc - Goddess yarns) looked rather good.

I have to admit to qite liking the Muffin the Mule design also, though I doubt very much that I will ever find time to do it, but I definitely agree with you about the rest of the patterns in SK this month - still, I have the impression that at least they are trying (which is rather more than I could say for Knitting magazine ...) and we all know that they are really aimed at beginner knitters in any case!

happyspider said...

aaw the wrap is gorgeous. im so glad you sorted it out. i would've lost my MIND. :)

Heather said...

So pretty! I really love the color and how it fits. Great job!

Mary said...

I love the wrap, although maybe a sardine can pull would finish it off to perfection. I haven't been tempted to buy Simply Knitting since seeing the first issue; seems things haven't changed!