Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Black Hole

I am knitting in the equivalent of a black hole. A black hole, according to Cambridge University's learned chaps, "is a region of spacetime from which nothing can escape, even light." There is even a picture of a black hole, which seems a little odd - surely it would be just, well, black? Whatever the case, I feel as if I have been sucked into this black hole and no matter what I do, I cannot escape it. I have tried knitting faster, reasoning that if I knit fast enough I will be able to escape the gravitational pull, but it is simply not working.

I knit and knit and knit on the green "Twisty Wrap" and then I measure the thing. It is 76 cm. I knit and knit and knit a bit more and I measure again. It is 76 cm. I decide that I'm not going to measure again until I have finished this ball/ knitted for an hour/ watched "Coronation Street". I measure again. It is still 76 cm. It is a marvel of physics, it is defying the laws of logic, it is driving me barmy.

I now understand why it is called the "Twisty Wrap". Not because it is twisted at the front, but because it makes you twisty. A word which where I grew up meant having got out of bed on the wrong side; to be out of sorts; to be disgruntled, cranky; you get the idea. I am it.

Want to see a picture?

That's it, for what it's worth. Yes, OK, it is slightly longer than 76 cm now (but only just). I cannot wait for it to be finished but it certainly won't be if I spend hours doing displacement activities. Like making snowflakes. On this site here. It has been down for maintenance but should be back up before long and it certainly beats knitting my way out of a black hole.

I spotted this in the Charity Shop (aka "The Boutique") the other day:

What is it? You may well ask. I think it's supposed to be used for holding paintbrushes but this is what I'm going to use it for:

All the dpns are in there. They are all arranged according to size and the handy-dandy needle gauge slips handily into the pocket at the back. What more could a girl ask?

She could ask that the knitting elves would take up the twisty wrap and do a few rows on it, maybe during the night?


C x said...

If it were me, I'd grab a carrier bag and introduce the black hole knitting to the theory of stasis ;)

The storage solution is genius. I wonder how much those things retail at in an art shop?

I keep meaning to get around to using your excellent suggestion of storing my circs in a cd organiser.

C x

happyspider said...

that bag is awesome!!! i keep meaning to make one, but time keeps on slipping.
and im knitting this shrug for a friend with really looooong ribbed sleeves. and i have ablack hole too. sucks dont it?