Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can you see this?

Well, I couldn't. See it, that is. So I shot off to my LYS to show off progress on the WRS and buy a magnifying glass.

Jane wanted me to put in a plug (though she didn't give me a discount when I promised to do so - an oversight, I think), so here is the plug. I bought my very excellent magnifying glass at my LYS, Shipston Needlecraft. The website of their sister shop in Burford is here. It's a lovely shop, but just a little bit far for me to get to on a regular basis. Shipston, on the other hand, is a lovely shop and right round the corner - a mixed blessing according to "'im indoors".

So things are moving along reasonably well:

working on WRS

That's all the stuff there. Magnifying glass to the fore.

See how it makes all the difference?

through the looking glass

Naturally, I didn't take this photo myself, otherwise why would you see my two hands in the picture? (Although seeing my two hands full of plates never seems to stop the punters in the Bell at Alderminster wondering why I haven't brought their salad - "Oh, I'm sorry, Madam - the hand that pops up out of the top of my head seems to be temporarily out of commission." Not that I say this out loud but I think it loudly.)

#1 daughter took that picture and then she ran round the garden taking more pictures. After I showed her how to use the camera she took this:

which I think is rather splendid.

Then #1 son got in on the act. They have decided to have a photographic competition. Each month they will submit five photographs each. These will be muddled up so the dozy mother/judge will not know which took what. There has been no mention of prizes (yet) but I just know this is going to cost me.

They haven't started yet - just limbering up so here's a taster of what's to come:


and this:


I've suggested they start a blog so we can all vote. Failing that I'll probably need help.

For those who are counting I've just done row 37 of the Wedding Ring Shawl. I've made a few mistakes, mostly involving a missed YO on the previous row. It is vital to keep your wits very, very near you (not just "about" you - they need to be close at hand).

Hear that sound? That glassy, rattling sound? That's the sound of my marbles skittering under the table and deserting me for ever.

What have I done?


Zooks said...

Wow, look at you go! Do you have a sense of how long it's taking you to knit each row, and how many hours you are putting in each day? WRS is looking good -- I'm seriously impressed!!

Laritza said...

You go girl! I used a magnifying glass for a while and then got into the dollar store reading glasses. rid of the stitch markers!

susoolu said...

It does that to you, the WRS. And not that I am much further ahead than you, but I also got rid of the stitch markers! Go on, live dangerously.

alice said...

Surely the magnifying glass will help you keep your marbles where they belong? :)

allisonmariecat said...

Maybe the glassy, rattling sound should be ice clinking in a gin and tonic? Just a suggestion :)

The shawl is looking lovely. I hope you have some marbles left at the end!

ra said...

have a feeling you may never see your camera again!

ClaireEJ said...

I knew it was too good to be true....the Burford shop is closed, sigh.
We seem to spend a lot of summer driving round the Cotswolds and I'd love some good yarn or cross stitch shop recs...