Thursday, August 24, 2006

Slack Set Up

Many apologies for being what my Grandma would have called "slack set up". This is something to do with cotton weaving on a power loom. I believe it is when the warp threads are too loose, causing inferior cloth (although extensive research has not revealed the origin of the phrase, so it could just be an idiocyncrasy of my Grannie.)

Though I have been slack set up in the blogging department, I have been as taut as any old thing in the knitting department. I have finished the blue socks from Hades (no picture - I have thrown them far from my body) and started another sock. Glutton for punishment, obviously. I have added to the WRS. I have almost finished the second Kerry Blue shawl. I have scored in the book buying department. There, that's all the news, you need read no further.

The real reason I am doing a quick "in and out" post is that I have signed up to the "new, improved" beta blogger and I can't say I'm having great success at rearranging the layout. I don't know why I thought the "new" blogger would be any better than the temperamental "old" blogger, but hope springs eternal, I suppose. I keep getting error messages and it is almost to the hair tearing stage.

I am not even going to try to post a picture at the moment - though there are pictures to be posted - as I think that might tip me right over the edge and I'd end up having to wear a hat in the house (as well as out) so as not to frighten the horses with my piebald skull. (Yes, I know "piebald" doesn't mean "partly bald" but it should do.)

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