Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is she still knitting socks?

Yes, she is.

I've finished the Spiralling Socks:

and while I think the yarn is perfect for the job, I'm not so enamoured with the actual pattern.

The hunt was therefore on for a toe-up pattern that was a little more roomy than this one.

I liked the look of the Mojo socks but I also liked the look of Judy Gibson's "You're putting me on Socks" with calculations for using two circular needles by Peggy Pignato. (Except I was using magic loop but it's the same principle.)

The socks certainly look a little odd when they aren't on the foot:

but the addition of a gusset certainly helps the fit of them:

They are very comfortable.

There has been a small hiatus in the knitting department. I have had a wobbly tummy (tt). The upside is that I'm slightly thinner than I was (no bad thing - normally when I'm ill I eat like a horse, this time I didn't eat at all). I was so weak I could do nothing but lie on the sofa like the Lady of the Camellias, watch the Tour de France on TV and knit socks. All better now and able to get on with some lace.

As I said, I've begun MMario's "Spanish Armada". I'm on round 87 and it's going well. It looks like the usual pile of dental floss that the monkey's been playing with:

Woman cannot live by lace alone, of course, and there is yet another sock on the needle. I wanted to use the Trekking yarn I dyed with KoolAid at SkipNorth and decided on Firestarter:

I like the elegant way the cable splits to accommodate the gusset. There's just enough "action" to keep the attention but not so much that it detracts from the colours in the yarn.

The garden is still growing:

We have courgettes:

We have tomatoes:

We have kale:

I suppose I'd better go and cook some of it.


Alice said...

I love those Mojo socks! Very unique.

littlelixie said...

Out of academic interest - did the toes of your mojo socks look like one end of a gentlemen's appendage? Mine did! Love how the SkipNorth yarn turned out!

interknitter said...

Oh, I love those socks!

You can send them to me if they're looking for a home. :)