Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Socks and more Socks

The second Jack Sparrow Sock, which is, in effect, the fourth Jack Sparrow Sock, is finished. It looks exactly like the first (third) sock, so I shan't bore you with a picture.

I've moved swiftly on to the next sock. I ordered Zauberball yarn from Modern Knitting specifically for this project - the Spiralling Socks out of the latest "The Knitter" magazine.

I'm using the fuchsia colourway (though I had originally thought of using the Tropical Fish) and they are coming out extremely well:

Here's the afterthought heel:

I can see the point of using an afterthought heel because it means the flow of colour is not interupted, though I found it quite difficult to place the heel - the pattern says to work until the sock is 5cm shorter than the finished length. That's all very well, but the measurement seems to change depending on if you are measuring the sock on the foot or on the table. My advice is definitely to measure the sock on the foot. I think the heel could have been deeper, too, but I'm not so skilled in sock knitting as to be able to alter the pattern. Any advice from all you seasoned sock knitters out there?

I've also made a decision as to what should be my next big lace project. I've settled on MMario's "Spanish Armada". Now I know it doesn't look much in that picture but it was when I saw this version that my mind was made up. I'm using the lace yarn from Krafty Koala that I bought in Coventry and I'm on round 34. No pictures yet, I'm afraid - too busy knitting.

I've also been busy in the garden, or rather Mother Nature has been busy. She has provided us with broad beans:

and courgettes:

My appeal for any news of coil-less safety pins has been rewarded by a very generous Vanessa (of the above mentioned Modern Knitting). Look what arrived in the post this morning:

How very kind. Thank you so much, Vanessa. (Aren't knitters nice?)


Wibbo said...

For an deeper afterthought heel, I work 5 rounds without shaping after I've picked up the stitches, then start the shaping.

Bullwinkle said...

Aside from simply adding more rows as Wibbo suggested, you could try making the afterthought heel on more than 1/2 the stitches (60% works for my rather deep narrow heel).

Or you could try decreasing every other round in the afterthought heel (or even every two rounds or some other combination). (This method distorts/mutes/fuzzes (TT) the fine line of the heel.)

Or you could try a round-er heel, i.e. decrease 8 stitches every 6 rounds. (Using a variegated yarn, this gives you a bulls eye target on the heel.) To deepen the heel, just increase the number of rounds between decrease rounds. (Oh dear, that sounds confusing. Sorry!)

Meanwhile, I'm off to figure out how you did that spiral ...

Yasir Saeed said...

u r right

Karen said...

Love your fushia sock yarn. Absolutely beautiful!