Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There's more to life than socks

Really. There is.

I know I said it hasn't all been socks but it seems all I've talked about is socks. Just to prove there is more to life than socks:

This is Barry - I don't know why he's called Barry (I don't even know if he's a boy) but Mel-at-work said he looks like a Barry, so Barry he is. As you can see, he's got a bit of yarn trailing from his ear but that's all sorted out now and he's got a nose, too.

The pattern came from "Best in Show - knit your own dog" by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne . They are the pair who designed the famous "Sheep Jumper":

that Princess Diana wore to a polo match on one occasion, thus starting a craze. Everyone had one (even me - though I didn't follow the pattern exactly - mine had one lost sheep on the back). There is a free pattern available here if you want to relive the '80's.

I haven't been knitting much lace but that is all set to change. I am feeling the urge for some massive, super-skinny-yarn lace project. I'm thinking about starting Sharon Miller's Wedding Ring Shawl again (notwithstanding the disaster that happened last time); or maybe I'll attack The Lerwick Shawl (also by Sharon Miller). Another possibility would be The Queen Susan Shawl, which has a remarkable story but takes 6,000 yards of yarn. While I'm absolutely positive I've got far more than 6,000 yards of lace yarn in the house, I'm not so positive that I've got 6,000 yards of the same type and colour.

Part of the great joy of thinking about a project like this is deciding on the yarn. I've been doing lots of research but hesitate to commit myself until I've been to SkipNorth in March. I might find the perfect thing while I'm there. We'll be visiting Coldspring Mill (website undergoing a makeover but stuffed full of Debbie Bliss on cones at such a cheap price it makes your eyes water and your hand reach for the plastic), Texere, Bombay Stores (website doesn't really do it justice - full of delights) and Wingham Wool Work so the chances are good.

I might just have to wait and see.

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