Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is that a Frog?

I'm going to Spain tomorrow (and if Burglar Bill is reading, no, the house won't be empty) to stay in this delightful spot near Malaga, so this will be a very short post, just to keep you in the loop.

Work on the Mona Lisa has been temporarily halted because I discovered I had inadvertently purchased a ball of Double Knitting and a ball of 4-ply.  Doh!

Work has stopped completely on the "I dare you to knit this" pattern.  (Good Day Sunshine from Knitty)  The yarn just wasn't right for the job, and even though I had my doubts from the start, I just kept right on knitting.  Eventually, I bowed to the inevitable and out came:

Yes, it is a frog.

I have treated the green monstrosity as a large swatch (Yes, you heard right) and I have modified the start and the selvedges.

I have begun anew:

This is much more like it and it also has the merit of being yellow (which is a bit of a better fit for sunshine than green).


I don't know what the yarn is.  Wool, probably; a gift from a customer, definitely.

Finally, it's Saturday and for once you get this on the right day:

The sheep have gone (mainly because I found them all wandering round the garden at work the other day).

And I'm going too, because I need to pack.

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