Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Like Buses

You know how it is - you're waiting for a bus and then three come along together.

I spent so long waiting for my pattern from the Calling all Knitters group and I found myself in the yarn shop and I'd been thinking about the Mona Lisa and, well, I must confess, I bought yarn.  So I started to knit it:

I know it doesn't look much at the moment but it will, trust me - I'm a knitter.

A close-up:

(still not much to see).  It's actually a bit brighter in real life

Then the pattern came through from the "I dare you to knit this" department and I had to root through the stash to find just the right yarn for the job.  (Though the day before, when I was in aforementioned LYS, Nicky told me that if I needed yarn urgently I should just give her a call and she would open the cavern shop, just for me.)
As it turned out, there were several candidates for the job:

 Some Arucania Botany Lace in pink.

Same again in brown/green.

Some sock yarn (perhaps best left for socks).

Some sparkly stuff (tt) from Wingham Wool Works at the last SkipNorth.

Eventually, I decided on this anonymous green stuff (tt) - it weighs 60gr but I have no idea of the yardage, so let's hope I don't run out on the last row.

 I don't usually like variegated yarn for lace but I don't think this is too busy.

The start is quite closely woven, which I don't know if I like:

but the idea of the sun and the rays coming out of it needs a dense beginning so I'm happy to go along with it for now.   I'm not looking forward to the knit 7 together (shades of the "nupp", which we now know rhymes with "soup" and not with "cup" as I had always thought.  I had that from Nancy Bush's own mouth and, being the queen of Estonian Lace, she should know.)

That sparkly (tt) stuff that came to light might just have to turn into something with ice, or icicles, or snow, or snowflakes, or something along those lines.  I was thinking this Frozen Leaves but am open to any suggestions.

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