Thursday, November 17, 2005


I'm trying to breathe. The postman seemed to be having a bit of trouble getting whatever it was through the letterbox. I knew what it was, and I think you do too. It's yarn! Specifically, it is the yarn:

Yes, KCG Trading has come up trumps. I ordered the yarn on Monday morning and here we are on Thursday and the yarn is in my sticky little paws. It is a beautiful dusky pink colour and I think my KB will be very pleased - she didn't want a "baby" pink and it's not.

I have been doing a swatch (fancy!) starting with 3mm needles - too floppy (technical term), so I started again with 2.25mm. This is the result:

It is supposed to measure 6 inches wide after blocking. It is not finished, it hasn't been wetted, but it's in the approximate area. It's a shawl, after all, it doesn't have to fit.

Here's a close-up:

Together with the yarn, I also got three sets of Addi Turbo circular knitting needles - 2x3mm 60cm length; 1x2.5mm 100cm length. These really are the Rolls Royce of knitting needles. I had wanted to use the 3mm Addis for the Garden Shawl, but it now turns out that I will want to use a smaller needle, so that is not going to happen. KCG also included their catalogue in the package - it's good to have that, a big improvement on the website. Regardless, top marks to them for swift service.

In other news, I came upon this the other day. Becky Bowley must be the ultimate process knitter. I think I'm in the wrong job. There's a little bit more about Becky on the "Artshole" website. (Is someone taking the p**s with that name, do you think? Surely not.)

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susoolu said...

I recognize that ballband! The Margaret Stove is beautiful stuff - and surprisingly strong. And the shawl is looking pretty too. Unfortunately I went slightly mad at the KCG stall of Woolfest, and now have enough to last several lifetimes.