Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hats off.

The Louisa Harding moss stitch hat is finished. I think it's one of the nicest hats I've got (and I've got plenty). The grafting of the moss stitch was not quite as troublesome as I thought it might be. I had to start it twice because 'im indoors had the audacity to speak to me in the middle of it, even though I had expressly requested that he not do so.

It's not brilliant but it's not bad (though I say so myself). Here's a shot of the completed item:

I think it's quite stylish (and that's before it gets on my head).

Something else that's quite stylish is my mother (or Mom, as many of you would say). She phones me on a Sunday morning, usually in the middle of "The Archers", and the other week I picked up the phone to hear, "I've done it." (No "Hello", no "This is mum", no nothing). What are you talking about, mother? This:

She's had a tattoo. There are no words.

Tari has tagged me for a meme and I want her to know that I am aware of it, that I think it's a great meme and I am still thinking about it. I even got mother to bring the "best knitted item" with her. Pictures have been taken and will be shown shortly. Stay tuned.


happyspider said...

your mum is SO cool!!!!! wow, i'm not even brave enough and im still imbued with leftover teen impulsivity! tell her i think she is the coolest person in the whole world!
the hat is gorgeous, i could hardly tell there was a graft line there. where's the shot of your gorgeous self in it i ask?

Daisy said...

Your Mum is very cool indeed. Much cooler than mine!
The hat is ace - I saw the Louisa Harding yarn and books in John Lewis last week and was extremely tempted...

Marie said...

Wow! Your mother is so cool! I wish I had the guts to be such a cool mother!!

Heather said...

Yep, your mom is quite cool. I'm getting one for my next birthday!

Love the hat...but we need a picture of you in it!

Ali said...

Love your moss stitch hat but I too want to see it modelled, and your Mum is cool. I hope I can still be "wild" in my old age too!!