Friday, November 04, 2005


The Louisa Harding moss stitch hat is a little bigger than it was. There is no picture, so you will need to use your imagination.

The previous LH hat made from Impression for Ann-at-work has been on holiday in France. Here she is looking chic and warm:

Sorry for the small picture - it's one taken on a phone and emailed to my living room. The wonders of modern science. I still think electricity works by magic.

And a quick update on Mr Briggs and his knitting progress. Here he is in full flow:

Again, not a brilliant picture - it's that mobile phone again. He's wanting to make a neck warmer thingy to go under his motorbike helmet. I've been looking for patterns. Found this on UKnitty, which might just fit the bill. There's always this pattern for a helmet liner, but it does mean we will have to learn to purl, to decrease, to work with circular needles. Oh, and how to cast on (we have already accomplished the cast off). I hope we haven't bitten off more than we can chew. Oh, and, of course, he wants it in black!



Marie said...

Teaching the barman to knit! What an heroic task! Very impressed.

happyspider said...

good on him! i think you should always pick somehting a bit tricky... garter stitch scarves are not likely to maintain interest of a beginning knitter for more than, oh, two minutes.