Friday, June 09, 2006

The Curse of the Lace Knitter

is the dental floss complex:

This is the Burda tablecloth about round 55. It looks like the monkey got in amongst the dental floss. Here's a close-up of part of it:

Notice the bit that looks like a cable? It is a cable! I love that idea. There have been no more mistakes in the chart, but I'm still keeping my wits about me. The soy silk is lovely to knit with - silky yet "grabby" (technical term) at the same time, with a slight halo that I find very attractive. My only complaint is about the colour. In the photographs it looks cream but in reality it's much more yellow than that - it looks like a caffe latte (or a "latte macchiato" if we're being strictly accurate/pedantic). I wonder about the possibility of dyeing the finished work. If anyone has any experience of dyeing soy silk, speak up - as Dr Frasier Crane would say, "I'm listening".

But a knitter can't live by lace alone (not least because there is no way this is TV knitting), so there are other things on the go.

The fronts of the bolero are coming along:

I am going to run out of yarn. Another trip to the LYS is indicated. At least the yarn is so variegated that I don't think a difference in dye lot will be noticed.

The Kimono Jacket continues apace:

Now, this is TV knitting, so quite a bit should be accomplished this weekend, while watching the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Formula 1 is great for knitting. (no, I won't be watching the football!)

That's a (non-comprehensive) round up of the WIPs. Monogamous? Moi?


Zooks said...

I'm loving the Burda tablecloth!

Laritza said...

I have a Burda publication that has the same cloth and it is identified as a Niebling. I think I knit is some years back and gave it to my aunt. Not sure but sounds very familiar.

TutleyMutley said...

I've just popped in via UKHK list to admire the table cloth - that is some project - I am in awe. The other knitting looks fab too - expecially like the kimono jacket - what's the pattern like? I like mindless knitting where I can read a book, natter to other knitters, dah di dah.