Saturday, June 03, 2006

So I didn't make an arse of myself?

Thank you all very, very much. I have just got my paws (no pun, there are no puns here) on the June issue of "Simply Knitting", wherein I get a mention in the "Blogs (the not-so-secret diaries of the knitting world)" section. Did I ask you to tell me if I made an arse of myself? Did anyone bother to tell me, "Yes"?

No, not one of you. Now, I know that I have readers all over the world (you know who you are), who can't possibly have seen this particular magazine, but I also know I have many readers here in the UK and some of you must have seen it.

Let's just deconstruct for a moment. What did I say? I said (and I quote from the magazine) I tried to post "every other weekday". What did anyone see, if they bothered to look? They saw that I hadn't posted since May 8th!!

I don't know why. I was on a break? I'm back now anyway, so yah, boo, sucks to them.

What else did I say? I said - quotes again - "Someone said to me 'I like your blog because it's about knitting and it doesn't have a cat in it.' That's my favourite comment ever. Lots of knitters have cats. I don't have a cat, I'm allergic to them!"

So, I definitely didn't make an arse of myself then?

That's Beelzebub (as 'im indoors has christened him/her) sitting, at ease, in the armchair. There is the blue knitted cushion in the background, so I suppose it still counts for "knitting content". At least I won't get kicked off the Knitlost/list.

The real knitting content follows.

I have worked 12 inches on the border of the GS shawl today. There is no picture because it just goes on and on. When you think it's stopped going on, it goes on a bit more.

I have worked a swatch. Those of you who are new to the blog will think nothing of it, the rest of you will be lying down in a darkened room by now.

This is a close-up of the raw silk purchased during Wednesday's stash enhancement trip. Worked on 5mm needles and came out to be 11.5sts and 22 rows to the 10cm. Here it is from further away:

Yes, I know that's not 10cm in length - I extrapolated. I don't do swatches, I do big words.

It's a very nice looking fabric. However, since I only have 200g of it (340m in total) I think I'm going to have to get creative.

I'm thinking knitted quite tightly and making an evening bag, maybe in a moss/seed stitch pattern. I'm thinking knitted very, very loosely to make a scarf/wrap thingie (technical, very technical), maybe with a few yos - let's face it, yos are my speciality. So what do you think? What can I do with this almost edible silk? Answers on a postcard. Or you could always email, or leave a comment.

I'm wheezing, he's comfortable:

He's going out, any minute now, and I'm going to bed. Posted by Picasa


Mary-Lou said...

No, you did't! I only finally managed to get hold of a copy of SK on Wednesday this week, and I've been too busy since then to drop you a line. I thought it was nice to see what you look like, cos I notice it's one thing that doesn't often happen on other people's blogs - you know all about them, but have to imagine them. Enjoyed the article anyway, and enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!

Nit One Perl Two said...

I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern!