Friday, June 23, 2006

Look who's back!

Beelzebub has made a reappearance - after a week's leave of absence. I don't know where s/he's been, I don't know what s/he's been doing but here we are:

stretching out on the grass.

I've managed to get another couple of photograph albums up - I'm quite impressed with the ease of use of Picasa Web Albums - pity Blogger isn't quite so simple. Editing my template to make the albums easy of access was a nightmare and I'm still not satisfied with the look of it but let's hope you can at least click on the links and look at the pictures. Let me know!

I've been working on the interminable edging of the Garden Shawl - I suppose I've got half a side, one corner and the whole of another side to go. I am, of course, suffering from my usual complaint at this stage of the game - I want to finish it but I don't want to let it go. Made all the worse, in some ways, by the fact that this is for my knitbud in America and so I really will have to "let it go". Of course, she's already fulfilled her part of the bargain - I got my shawl from her quite a while ago.

The Kimono Jacket has got a bit bigger, too. I'm still not to the point of casting on the extra stitches for the front and back though.

One last thing: if you read this blog you are probably aware that lace knitting is my real love. Two lace knitters, who I "know" from various Yahoo knitting groups, Laritza Taft & Susan Reishus, have started a Yahoo group specifically to make a concerted effort to persuade Burda to republish the lace patterns of Herbert Niebling. (There are some examples of his beautiful designs on Michael Kaprelian's site here.) If you have any interest in lace knitting whatsoever, I urge you to pop over and join this group - have no fear, it's not a discussion group, there will be no discussion of copyright law and all whatnot - it's simply a pressure group. Eventully, they are hoping to organize a mass snail-mail/email campaign and the more members the better, so get on over there. I have, in fact, already sent a snail-mail to Burda asking about this very thing. Needless to say, I received no reply!

And yes, I am feeling very much better. Thanks for all your good wishes.


littlelixie said...

Have done my duty and signed up!

Laritza said...

Kate thanks for your support. I sure hope we can get the Niebling patterns reprinted someway somehow!

Annie said...

Your photo albums are fabulous. What a productive knitter you are! I couldn't see the picture of Beelzebub in the post, though

allisonmariecat said...

Aw, Beelzebub looks right at home! Happy thoughts on finishing the Garden Shawl. Are you going to have to make another just for you? :)