Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Double Vision

I bought "A Knitting Wrapsody" just so I could make "Infinity - a Cardi-Wrap with Sleeves".  I finally settled on James C. Brett Marble Chunky for the yarn, which I bought at Texere in Yorkshire when I was at SkipNorth.

Though I don't usually go in for acrylic yarns, this stuff just seemed to be the right yarn for the job.  In one way this is true.  Here's #1 son modelling the back:

 I think the colour changes show the pattern very effectively.

Here's a close-up of the criss-cross (tt) pattern on the front:

This is a detail of going "round the bend" on the collar:

Where I did take issue with the yarn was that of the three balls I used, each ball had at least two knots (sometimes three) and in several cases the knot was in only one of the two plies.  I ended up with even more ends than normal to weave in and lots of little balls of yarn.  Not much fun.  

However, the pattern is very enjoyable to knit.  Very little sewing (just two short seams on the back), so right up my street.

Which was just as well, because #1 son decided he liked it so much he wanted one himself.  Off we went to Shipston Needlecraft and bought three more balls of Marble Chunky, this time in green.

It was even quicker the second time around.

The back:

 The front:

Detail of the Cuff:

This time only one knot in one ball.  An improvement.

I've made him promise that we won't be seen wearing them at the same time.  Otherwise, we'll look like Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.

One of these weeks you'll get the Saturday Back Field actually on a Saturday.  As it is, here's the Back Field on Tuesday:

(Raw materials in the background.)

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littlelixie said...

Looks beautiful. Can't beat good ol'marble.