Friday, May 18, 2012

Knitter For Hire

Since Nicky took over at Shipston Needlecraft my skills have been requested on several occasions.  There was In the Pink using the Noro laceweight yarn, Sekku.  This is a free pattern and very interesting to knit.  That's just as well, because I had to knit it twice (long story).

There aren't any pictures of this because I wasn't thinking "blog" at the time.  However, shawl #2 is hanging in the window of aforementioned Shipston Needlecraft as I type, so if you want to see it, you know where it is.   (It's not in this picture, though!)

Sekku (since discontinued) is a cotton/wool/nylon/silk blend and pretty skinny (tt).  It's the usual beautiful Noro colours but it's also the usual Noro knots, bits of straw and thick and thin areas.  Some of it didn't appear to have been spun at all and was therefore prone to coming apart in my hands.

 Then there was the Rialto Lace Bolero.  Here's the yarn:

100% merino.  Lots of lovely colours.  Beautiful to knit with.

The pattern had a lot of bobbles:

This is the front in progress.  I don't have pictures of the finished item (again, not thinking blog).

Nicky wanted to wear it to some trade show, so there was a bit of a deadline.  Safely done in time, though.

Payment for this lot was in yarn, so the stash is growing like Topsy.

There's more but that will have to wait for another day.

Saturday back field (on a Friday - it's getting worse!):

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