Friday, August 19, 2005

Even more mysterious

I have completed Clue 3 of the Hyacinth Mystery. I have not looked to see if clue 4 has been posted. I expect it will be there when I am ready for it. I'm not surprised that it looks the usual mess:

OK, I could spread it out a bit:

It still looks no bigger than it did the last time you all saw it - it must be bigger but it doesn't look it. The ball of yarn appears to have shrunk not one whit, either:

Mindful of the international nature of my readership, I have included both a pound coin and a 5 cent coin (is that a nickel or could it be a dime?) to show the scale of the thing. As it turns out the coins are almost the same size anyway. For any European readers, I'm sorry I couldn't lay my hand on any euros - I know there are euros in the house but, like the fourth dpn, they are never to hand when you need them. Speaking of dpns, I found a pretty blue metal one down the side of the sofa the other day. I would be prepared to swear on my grandmother's grave that I have never, ever, seen the thing before. Where do they come from? Where do they go?

True to my nature of finding it impossible to start a project, finish a project, move on to the next project, I have started a dalliance with the gauntlets from Rowan 38.

This is basically a reverse stocking stitch tube with a twelve stitch cable crossing every 10 rows. Recommended needles are 7mm and yarn is two strands of Kid Classic, held together. I happened to have the yarn, I chose 6.5mm needles (because we all know I am a loose woman). The pattern says to knit it flat and "sew palm seam". "Sew palm seam"? How thick are two strands of Kid Classic; how bulky is that seam going to be; how uncomfortable would that feel? Kate doesn't do sewing, she will therefore make a tube and use two circular needles to do it. You can see the arrangement of the needles quite well in this picture. I'm sure I've given a link to the technique in the past. At present, it eludes me and if I don't post this now, I will not have it done before midnight, as I have to go back to work. (Yes, again!) Google is your friend, girls and boys.

Also, there has been a dental emergency that has meant I have not responded to emails as promptly as I might have done. If anyone is waiting on a communication from me, rest assured I am back on the case now. Maybe at dead of tonight, maybe tomorrow, my fingers will be flying.


Lauri B said...

Hyacinth's coming along so nicely! I really love the purpley color. The coin's a nickle, by the way.

littlelixie said...

2 circ socks - I have the instructions printed out but just need to get down to it. Thanks for the nudge!