Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I have finally knitted up the whole of the first skein of the Margaret Stove Artisan Lace Merino, which I am using for what has become known as the "Hyacinth Mystery". That's only 300 metres, that's only 20 grams, that's only one quarter of what I've got, and I've almost finished clue 4 (of 5). Either I am making a shawl for Barbie (good colour for her, too) or I have seriously over-estimated the amount of yarn I need.

This is what remains:

This is what it turned into:

Doesn't look much, does it? I know, I know, lace always looks like a pile of something you wouldn't want to tread in, until the magic of the blocking. I know that everytime the lace will grow, maybe by up to a third; I know it always looks too small; I know that it will be fine; in spite of all this vast stock of knowledge, I have a niggle at the back of my mind - what if it's too small??

In my flapping round cyber space lately I have come across a knitter called Freddie Robbins (female, by the way) who has designed some seriously odd pieces. The oddest may well be these knitted homes of female killers, which also serve as tea cosies.. She also has some very odd gloves, where each finger sprouts another hand - I can't decide if they are quirky and whimsical or extremely disturbing. (I also can't find a picture of them now, though I know I've seen one. I hope I've seen one - it couldn't be a product of my fevered imagination, could it? Tell me it isn't so.)

Relief floods my being. I found this.

My knit bud has got her Wedding Ring Shawl pattern. We are chatting about needles, yarn and sending pictures of our swatches. It won't be long now. Well, it won't be long until we start, it will probably be years before we finish.


Marie said...

Well, that's definitely a most unusual knitting site. It's very - hm - new. Very refreshing!

Kristy said...

I am studying my Wedding Shawl pattern and swatching a bit, as well. I look forward to see what yarn you decide to use. So far, I am leaning toward the silk. But where does one purchase it?