Monday, August 15, 2005

Word has got around

Obviously, everyone in the vicinity knows that Kate does knitting. I was even upbraided the other day for answering a knitting question posed at the end of a long Saturday night at work. Linda quietly said she thought we might have managed a whole evening without a knitting conversation. Margaret (she of the Heirloom Shawl) asked me a question and I merely answered. I have no other excuse.

I awoke this morning to further proof that everyone knows yarn is welcome in any variety:

The yarn is actually walking into the garden, with no encouragement from me.

Busy weekend at work, little knitting. Tried to watch the cricket. Couldn't bear the tension. I have no fingernails left. (and it was a draw, at the end of the day - but we should have won, we played our socks off.)

I am busy with clue three of the hyacinth mystery. I have also done a little more swatching for the Wedding Ring shawl. This time I used the gossamer merino and 2.5mm needles. I have not had the chance to take a photograph and now the light has faded and it's far too dark. I think this particular yarn is too thick for a wedding ring shawl - it's lovely stuff, just a little too coarse for the job.

Sharon Miller is going to be selling the skinny silk (first swatch) but it is "coming soon". It can't come soon enough for me, I tell you. I also asked Sharon when her new book is due out. "Not before next year." was the answer. Can we bear the wait?

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Luscious Gracious said...

What? Sheep, in your YARD? I am a city girl. Can't imagine....Steve wants to know if you wrestled them to the ground to shear them? He's a farm boy.
They look lovely, my favorite sheepy color.