Saturday, August 27, 2005

This is what I mean

The technology was against me yesterday. I never understand it when the magic doesn't work. I never understand it when it does work. (We are speaking to the woman whose grandmother used to keep the plugs in the sockets overnight for fear the electricity would leak out.)

I spoke of wanting to live elsewhere and how sometimes nature bites you and cuffs you round the head and lets you know that it's not all that bad living where you do. The pot of gold was not in my garden:

but you can't have everything, can you?

I looked out at the back and this is what I saw:

Yes, we do have electricity here in the backwater. Excuse me, I need to go and put the plugs in the sockets.

Just in case.

Knitting?? No, work.

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littlelixie said...

Hey you. Justcastching up on my favourite blogs. Grass is always greener but your surroundings do look pretty nice to me. We are moving next month so I'll have a new window view to enjoy.