Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bling Bling

I have finished the third edge of the border of Rosy Fingered Dawn. I have turned the corner and am on the home straight. I am starting to worry that I am knitting a shawl for the Statue of Liberty. Anne over at White Star Sams is also knitting RFD. She says she's starting to worry about the size of said shawl. Her problem is the exact opposite- she's knitting a shawl for Barbie. What is all that about?

Predictably, because I am on the home straight, my attention has started to wander. I finally managed to make it to my LYS, after an absence of about three weeks, due to press of work, life etc. Only to find - a gift voucher from Ann to say "Thank You" for her One Skein Wonder AND the whole shop over-run with new yarns from Louisa Harding. Talk about a kid in a candy shop.

Look at this delightful stuff. Sari Ribbon. 90% nylon, 10% metallic. Of which I purchased four:

To make this:

A Lace Scarf from the "Accessories Collection". (Don't suppose I'll look like her when I'm wearing it.) I must give old Louisa a pat on the back for this pattern book. The items are photographed several time: there's the usual arty shot where you can't really see what the thing looks like but then there is usually a close-up (the knitter's picture) and often another picture elsewhere. So it's the best of all possible worlds. Thank you, Louisa.

Progress has been swift. I have knitted up two of the four skeins and here is the half-scarf reclining on a red bush in the garden:

I'm using my Addi Turbo 9mm needles. She suggests 10mm needles, but you know me - the loose woman. No swatch, of course. It's only 34 stitches - that is a swatch, isn't it? It's just about bang on, size-wise and anyway - it's a scarf. It doesn't have to fit!

I also got various other things but all that will have to wait. There will be pictures; there will be candy; there will probably be a finished scarf; there may be a finished Rosy Fingered Dawn (but don't hold your breath for that last one.)


Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

See, you admit to being a "loose woman"... and I know for a fact, Anne's a tight knitter. (She's in my knitgroup, and she was knitting Birch on addi's because otherwise her stitches wouldn't move!)

That's one of the things I like about knitting; everyone has their own style, and 2 people following the same pattern can end up with such different results! :)

happyspider said...

Oh good lord. How can you bear to be so close to that yarn in it's unknit state??? It's soooo beautiful. OMG, total yarn porn, i am so jealous.
Be honest, you'd snort that yarn if you could. (heck, i would!)
In the 80's it was crack, in the noughties it's yarn!