Thursday, October 06, 2005

Eye Candy

Just so you don't think I have abandoned Rosy Fingered Dawn completely, here is a close-up of the corner:

It is a most ingenious use of short rows and really does look very neat. I'm always a bit wary of those knitted on borders where the pattern says something like "you may have to adjust the rate of attachment as you round the corner". Well, thank you. Is there any clue as to what sort of adjustment I "may" have to make? You can bet your bottom dollar that if it's in my hands that "may" will be a definite. This treatment, on the other hand, leaves nothing to chance. It makes a perfect mitre and I'm sure could be modified to be used on any other project with this kind of knitted on border.

Another picture of RFD:

This is the morning star in the centre of the border that Blogger wouldn't let me post a picture of the other day. Don't know if it was worth waiting for.

The Louisa Harding lace scarf is finished. There is no picture, as I am in the house on my own; I cannot get the self-portrait bit of my camera to work (I can but I do not care of the view of myself that is produced); the day is so dim that the automatic flash went off when I draped the scarf on a tree in the garden.

Thankfully, I took this picture the other day (when it was light).

I am in an even better position than you, dear reader, for I have the yarn in front of my eyes and I can touch it, or simply gaze at it to cheer myself up.

I thought of making this:

It's a little cape thing, also in the Louisa Harding "Accessories" book and uses Sari Ribbon and "Impression" - 84% nylon, 16% mohair, 50g/154yds, 140m. She says 6mm needles, we shall see.

I have also joined the MysteryShawlAlong2 group. Why I do not know, since I moaned and griped about the last one so much. I have decided to give them another chance. I have hardly looked at the emails - I don't need or want to know. I have printed out clue one, which doesn't look all that exciting and have been wondering what yarn to use. I was hoping to use something from the stash but when I saw this cone of anonymous yarn, lurking in a basket, under a table, on the pavement, outside an antique shop in Shipston, with a price tag of 50p (less than $1, if it matters), I felt that maybe I should splash out.

I've no idea what it is. It's light grey, skinny (technical term), slightly shiny - could have some silk in there?, and has a label inside saying "Lister & Co Countryside 2/24 Larch 898/4167 B" An extensive search has drawn a blank. I have no idea what I am dealing with here. I suppose I could always do a swatch...

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Anonymous said...

Try the burn test, cut a small piece off the end and put a match to it,if it smells like burning hair you know its all natural fibers-man made will smell of burning plastic, this helps me with blocking, washing ect...2/24 is a fine 2ply spun for a knitting machine, finer than hand knit 2ply, you might need to use smaller needles than ones stated in the pattern.