Friday, October 07, 2005

Still avoiding the issue

I still can't quite manage to get to the end of Rosy Fingered Dawn, although I did make myself do one repeat of the edging last evening. It looks much as it did: just as big, just as scrumpled, just as pink.

Here's a (very bad) picture of the Louisa Harding Lace Scarf:

Here's one with scarf languishing on the garden gate:

This is the one where the flash went off, outside, in the middle of the day. Today is not much brighter. All it makes me want to do is sleep. So, to counteract this wish for hibernation, I thought it best to start knitting something more cheerful.

This is the beginning:

of the "Button Wrap" and doesn't really show off the jewel-like nature of this beautiful yarn. A close-up reveals more:

It really is a joy to behold and (almost) enough to gladden the heart.

I've also started (and finished) Clue 1 of the Mystery Shawl 2:

using the anonymous yarn pictured yesterday. One (perhaps appropriately) anonymous commenter suggested the "burn test", which at least gives a rough idea of fibre content. I tried it and the flame moved swiftly up the yarn, before burning out and leaving a hard blob (technical term) and a nasty smell. So ACK-rylic, then. Not that I'm a yarn snob or anything.

If you haven't already listened to the October 1st edition of "A Prairie Home Companion", you could hop on over there and listen to the sketch about the knitting cowboys. It cheered me up no end.


Daisy said...

If that yarn looks more beautiful/jewel-like in reality than it does in your pic, then wow. I like it! Must go and find somewhere that sells Louisa Harding so I can see for myself!

happyspider said...

that button-wrap is sensational! And the pictures are not so bad, they were enough to make my mouth water.
The finished shawl is lovely too, post more pics! :)

ra said...

I do want that yarn.