Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Decisions, decisions.

I think my knitbud and I have decided on the swap shawl - it's going to be:

The Garden Shawl from Fiddlesticks. (It was quite a feat to find a shawl that we both liked that neither of us had already made.) The yarn called for is the Margaret Stove NZ merino lace weight that I used for the Hyacinth Mystery Shawl. I quite like the Ocean colourway, my knitbud would prefer a solid colour. We are still in discussion over the yarn to use, so I don't know quite when we will begin.

In want of a large project, I'm still making clothes for my Babe, who has told me that her name is Matilda.

Here she is reclining on the pink wrap, wearing her frock and matching hat:

I then decided she would need some warmer clothing, what with the winter coming on and all, so I made her a jumper from some self-patterning sock yarn:

I even more or less managed to get the stripes to match up on the back, front and sleeves. (If I'd had my wits more about me I would never have comtemplated doing this in pieces, because, as you know, I don't really do sewing.)

I've done hardly any knitting today, preferring to "sort out" the chaos in the living room. I took pictures but you really don't want to see them. Suffice to say that there came a point when it was worse than it had been when I started; that I have discovered, behind the piano, Debbie Bliss wool/cotton x 4 in purple and fuchsia, Rowan Polar x 2 in green, Jaeger Shetland Aran x 2 in creamish, Regia mini ringel x 2 in blue, Louisa Harding Fauve x 2 in teal, the four skeins of Rowan Tweed 4-ply, along with sundry other bits and pieces; I have frogged the pink entrelace sock which didn't really fit me and life's too short for entrelac anyway, the Hearts Illusion scarf in Jaeger Matchmaker DKwhich I didn't like the look of, though why it took me almost four balls of said DK to realise this is beyond me, and the green fuzzy second go at the first mystery shawl. That yarn still hasn't told me what it wants to be - I'm starting to think it doesn't know itself.

I've started the second mystery shawl again using Zephyr (the "Iris" colour left over from The Great Cosmos), it looks better than the mystery yarn version, though I am still not convinced I want to expend the time and effort required. We shall see.

When I went to check on my web stats at StatCounter I discovered that 35 out of the last 100 visitors have been from Sweden. Who knew? Hello to any Swedish knitters out there and can anyone shed any light as to why I suddenly seem to be flavour of the month there?


Annie said...

That Garden shawl is beautiful - looking forward to seeing pictures in progress.
Lucky Matilda to have her very own original hand-knitted creations. Are you going to make socks to keep her long thin legs warm?

Mary-Lou said...

It's just possible that the swedish knitters are hopping across from my blog ...! it all started because Ulla (Garnlek) had bought the same ladder yarn as me from YarnParadiseUK and was looking for patterns for what to knit with it, and found my blog, then of course I had to look at her blog, which (btw) has some really lovely stuff on there - even though it's in Swedish, it really looks like knitting is an international language(!), and from that I'm guessing that the other knitters are picking up on our links ...!