Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back up again.

When I said there was a man down, I really didn't think the man was going to be down for all this length of time. I have been struggling with what Winston Churchill called his "black dog". This is my very own black dog, who appears every year with monotonous regularity at the beginning of the winter and stays, sniffing round, occasionally biting me, until he is finally seen off at the onset of brighter weather.

I can't say that he has slunk off with his tail between his legs but I think he's on the way out. Every year I promise myself I'll get one of those light boxes that are reputed to solve much of the problem and according to one blurb I read "While using the light box, you can continue to perform normal actions such as eating, reading or knitting" (my emphasis). That's alright, then. As it is 'im indoors is taking me to Spain next week to catch a few UVs. I suppose I should send a note to the "Knitlost" asking for any yarn shops thereabouts but I think I might let my fingers do the walking and use Google like any normal person.

I watched loads of the Olympics and I did some knitting. I finished the Pink Tam Baby Jacket (apart from the buttons):

and yes, I do think I have got the hang of the grafting. I joined the shoulders seams and grafted the two halves together down the centre back without the aid of either chocolate or wine. Good, eh?

Can't see the join.

I've finished the centre square of the Spanish Christening Shawl and am picking up stitches for the border. It's long, it's boring and you really don't want to see it.

I started (correction - I tried to start) a swatch (what??) for the Kimono Jacket from Shadow Knitting (the Christmas Present I wrote about previously) but the complexity defeated me. It's not, in fact, all that complex. It's three colours, granted but there is only one colour per row; all the public side rows are knit; there is an occasionaly purl on the private side. It proved too much for me and the black dog, so I've given it up for a while.

The new MagKnits is up by the way - link in the sidebar - love those hats!

Some day my "Prince" will come and he'll probably turn out to be a big black Alsatian - I think he's already here.


Marie said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm thinking of getting one of those light boxes too. January and February are bad months! Spain should help though!

Heather said...

I'm so happy you are back. Spain sounds like a wonderful trip! I've always been amazed at how people live in Europe. My vacation is "oh lets drive to the mountains" in the same state. Those of you in Europe say "hey, let's go to Spain!".

The sweater is so lovely. The colors are just gorgeous.

Seahorse said...

I'm glad the black dog is on his way out. I'm HUGELY impressed with your grafting!