Friday, March 03, 2006

Frost & Ice

No, not the shawl. Real life frost and ice. I woke up this morning (reputed to be the second day of spring) to a winter wonderland. Here's just a little taste:

There's plenty more out there. That's why it's out there and I'm in here, Spanish Christening Shawl draped on my knee, adding the border.

I've picked up the 784 stitches around the outside. I've worked the yo, K2tog round. I've worked the plain knit round. I've started to attach the edging. I've realised I'm going the "wrong" way round the shawl, so the public side of the edging is attached to the private side of the shawl. I've ripped out a few handfuls of hair and shrieked a little bit. I've ripped back the provisional cast on and the first five rows. I think I am now safely on the way. (Although I should have learned by now to "never say never".)

Here's a close-up of the public side:

and here's the private side:

Each point consists of 10 rows. Each 10 row repeat eats up 5 stitches of the border. That's 100 rows you see in the picture. That's 50 stitches of the 784 eaten up. There's a lot of eating still to go.

I'd better get on with it.


Brigid said...

That's a very beautiful edging but I sympathise with the scale of the task facing you! I'm in the same position with a lace edging I am knitting onto a shrug (from Rowan 39). I also realised I was joining it on the wrong way round but left it because the collar part is going to flop over and show the inside anyway!

littlelixie said...

784 stitches? As Pooch keeps saying (from watching the IT crowd on tv) "Chairman Wow"!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, I want to cry for you having to rip all that out! That just sucks. But, is really beautiful.