Thursday, March 16, 2006

Home again

I returned from a delightful few days in Spain to find this in my inbox:

This is MY Garden Shawl - it's the one my American friend and I are knitting for each other. I'm doing hers in a shade of dusky pink, mine, as you can see, is a pale sage green. It looks wonderful - it certainly looks a heck of a lot better than this crumpled rag:

This is the progress on her shawl - doesn't look much, does it? I feel I could perhaps apply myself a little bit more. Part of the lack of progress can be put down to the darkness - I really need to work on this in natural light. Thankfully, the days are getting brighter, so we should be speeding along soon.

I can't tell you how much good being in the sun did for me. I didn't miss the knitting - I was too busy lounging on the terrace of the house you see in the middle of the picture here:

and watching the sunsets, which were spectacular:

All good things come to an end and here I am back in grey, cold Blighty, but at least there's the knitting.

I promise to apply myself.

1 comment:

Angel said...

Oh gosh- your shawl is really, really pretty...

And I am sure the one you are working on will also come out lovely.