Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Displacement Activities

You know when you are trying to revise for your exams but you don't really want to, so you spend an inordinate amount of time tidying your desk? This is what I have been doing for the last two days.

You all know far too much about how fearful the "Anne Cardigan" is that I don't need to tell you again. I just can't bear it.

I have had this:

delightful pink silk yarn in the stash since Jackie made me go to the back end of nowhere to a yarn shop that had a sale. (I believe it was Droitwich - I had to do a search on my own blog to find that out - when does being slightly vague turn into a problem?)

Wondering and wondering what to do with it - I thought a bag, I thought a hat, I thought a bag again.

This is a bag that was in Emma King's "25 Bags to Knit".

Naturally enough, I am not using the yarn called for. Nor am I getting the gauge called for. Nor using the right needles (neither the ones called for, nor the ones suggested on the yarn label.)

I decided that this yarn was the right yarn for the project and then I realised that I wanted the fabric to be fairly stiff (technical term) and not floppy (another technical term), so I used very skinny (that would be another technical term) needles and made something that would stop a speeding bullet. I had to cast on a different number of stitches too - talk about knitting on the high wire.

Here she is part-way through:

Here's a close-up of the beads:

These are pebble beads from Mill Hill (who seem to be the only people making beads in the world. I'm sure that can't be true. Mill Hill are the only people that I've heard of, that must be it.)

Here's the finished item:

If I were a man, I'd be asking "What's it for?"


allisonmariecat said...

I love the phrase "back end of nowhere." My little brother is partial to "East Bumble" as an indicator of middle-of-nowhereness.

Your bag is darling! What's it for? To be cute, obviously, and perhaps to hold a lipstick.

Susanne said...

Your bag is great. I know exactly what it's for...a little knitting of course!! :)
Can't see the pics that you have of the cardigan..just little red x's...