Saturday, August 04, 2007

I've succumbed

I'm not on a yarn diet; I'm not on a yarn diet; I'm not on a yarn diet. So I can't have broken my promise, can I.?

It's not even my fault. It's all to do with 'im indoors. He wants a jumper (or possibly a cardie). Impossible to get him to tell me quite what he wants. He knows what he doesn't want, which is a start, I suppose. I know what I want too. It's got to be interesting; it's got to be knitted in the round (because, as you all know, I don't do sewing); it's not going to have cables and it's not going to be white (or black); it's not going to be fuzzy (technical term); it's going to be some sort of natural fibre (though not necessarily wool). Hmm, looks like I know what I don't want, too.

I started looking for patterns. Yes, I know, I could just take out The Sweater Workshop and design one myself but I needed to have a picture of the finished thing so 'im indoors could take a gander.

I found the Mosaic Triangles at Magknits. He seemed to quite like this one. Debbie Bliss Cathay, perhaps? Twenty two balls at £3.25 the ball? £71.50/$146. I don't think so, somehow. I showed the Annie Modesitt Corset I knitted in this same yarn and he didn't like the drape of it. He thought it might "stretch down to my knees". Well, we wouldn't want that, would we?

Then I came across the Kauni Cardigan on Stephanie's blog (and just about everywhere else I turned in cyberspace - there's a KAL (now closed to new members); there are pictures here and many other places too.)

It's a lovely thing. It ticked all the boxes. All I needed to do was get the yarn.

I ordered it from here. Meanwhile, there is another pattern here. This, I think, is the one I'm going to go for.

Sorry about the lack of pictures in all that. I haven't got the yarn yet. (I don't even know if Astrid has the yarn yet.) Rest assured there will be pictures as soon as I get my mitts on it.

The Anne Cardigan? Don't get me started. The "pattern" (such as it is) is just horrible. Down the sleeve I go. Change to smaller needles. Work one inch in moss stitch. Fairly straightforward? I just did what the pattern said. I didn't decrease any stitches before the cuff. Even though I know this is the usual thing. What was I thinking?

This is the dire result:

See how it's all splayed out and floppy (technical term)?

I've ripped it out. I've decreased an inch worth of stitches. I've re-knitted it. There is no picture of the new, improved cuff because I have hidden the thing under a cushion so it doesn't get in my eye line.

Back Field Picture - posted on the right day for once:


Knitman said...

Just had a quick look through your blog. you do beautiful work, especially the shawls.

Diane Armstrong said...

Hi Kate,
Would you like me to finish your cardi from hell. If its causing you such a headache.
Remember, I'm only up the road.


allisonmariecat said...

Oh, the Kauni is gorgeous! It looks like a good choice.

I must say, I enjoy your "technical terms" quite a bit. Maybe you should put together a glossary when you have a chance :)