Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Houston, we have a problem.

This is the problem.

Kauni yarn both the same

We have two balls of yarn that are at the same point in the colour sequence.

This is the reason why:

 This is why

Somebody, in their wisdom, has decided that it is perfectly acceptable to "splice" (after a fashion) one colour to another totally unrelated colour. Obviously this will not do.

I fished about amongst the other balls of yarn and found a place where the yellowish/greenish yarn came up.

I am going to splice these two yarns together:

Two yarns to be spliced

First, unravel the plies for about six inches:

Plies unravelled

Then cut or break off one of the plies:

Plies broken off

Wet your palms, with spit (or water, if you are particularly fastidious). Overlap the two yarns in your palm and rub your hands together vigorously. You will be twisting the yarns together as you do this. You need to rub quite hard, so that you create some heat. The combination of the wetness, the agitation and the heat will felt the two yarn ends together and should make an almost invisible join:

Completed join

I really don't like the feel of the soggy (technical term) yarn passing through my fingers, so I usually do this and leave it to dry for ten minutes or so. There's really no need to do this but I just prefer it.

Eye candy:

Kauni progress

This is what we have so far. It's looking lovely (though I so say so myself!)

Here's a close-up of the scrolls:

Close-up of scrolls

Nice, eh?


maryannlucy said...

It is looking absolutely fabulous, the colours are gorgeous. I am looking forward to following its progress.

Lisa said...

Looks great. Glad you were able to solve the problem.

Diane said...


Does that version of the Kauni use the yarns at the same rate? Because you're not switching back and forth between background and pattern balls are you...

Heather said...

Very good looking so far - love those scrolls!

qusic said...

hi,great tutorial on yarn connection:-))
lovely eye candy ! I wanna start with my rainbow skeins too, but have promised to myself to finish some socks first,ugh!

Kat said...

Wow, that is beautiful!!
I've always found the scroll motif attractive, but I have yet to actually knit one. LOL!

happyspider said...

gorgeous! and nicely saved. honestly, do yarn manufacturers work with their eyes closed?

Kim said...

I love the sweater! My latest yarn peeve is yarns where one of the plies is knotted. You can't really untie the yarn ply and have it be okay. Sigh...