Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ready for the Steek (eek!)

I am almost up to the point where I need to add on the stitches for the armhole steeks on the Kauni jumper. I'm not quite sure how many stitches to add on - not so many that I use up lots of yarn and have bulky facings to fold back at the end; not so few that the whole thing unravels as soon as look at it. Six? Eight? or an odd number?

I suppose I'd better read about it for a while before I actually do anything.

Wendy Johnson tells us something about the Norwegian steek in Knitty here (but the Norwegians, hardy people that they are, do not seem to be adding any stitches for the steek. I don't fancy that idea.) There is more about steeks here, where she uses 10 extra stitches to allow room for the cutting. Then there is Eunny Jang and I think this is the best explanation of steeks, ever. She says, "Unreinforced and sewn steeks are typically worked with an even number of bridge stitches and cut between the center two stitches, while crocheted steeks are typically worked with an odd number of bridge stitches and cut through the center stitch." I'm thinking unreinforced, because I'm using a very "sticky" (technical term) wool, so I'd need to add on an even number of stitches (quite how many I'm not sure).

There were meant to be pictures here but Blogger (new, improved) is not playing and I am fed up with it.

The Kauni jumper is looking good, although I fear I may have to join the yarn again because we are running into two balls of orange, in the same place at the same time. Bah, humbug.

Latest update! Blogger has relented.

Here is progress on the Scroll-y jumper:

and, even though I know it is now Wednesday (and possibly even Thursday in some far-flung corners of the world), this is the back field as it was on Saturday:

Oh, and another thought: if you are on Ravelry would you please leave a comment and tell me your user name? I know there are lots of people on there who I would love to look at but I find the search facility to be a bit specific. (It will find "theyarnharlot" but not "yarn harlot" or "harlot" or "Stephanie McPhee" or "Stephanie Pearl McPhee".)


littlelixie said...

Jumper is looking define. How brave you are with your steeking!

littlelixie said...

Meant devine, obviously. Is first time I've ever complimented someone on having a well defined jumper.

littlelixie said...

Divine. Shall I just see how many comments I can leave? Is there some kind of blogging record?

Opal said...

Kauni is gorgeous! I'm AkamaiKnitter on Ravelry. :-)

Twinkle Toes said...

Kauni is looking lovely.... I'm wondering if I could attempt a Eunni "v" argyle in it.....

on ravlery I'm twinkletoes... but nothing to mooch at yet as I only had my invite yesterday!!!

Cynthia said...

Love the yarn (and the sweater). I'm Cynthia on Ravelry, too.

Kat said...

Wow, LOVE the sweater!! I don't blame you for the steeking anxiety--I've done one steek and I'm still intimidated by them. Good luck!!

My Ravelry ID is quilterkat, btw--hope to see you there!