Monday, June 06, 2005

Do I need another bag?

I do if it's this one:

The new Spun Magazine is up and while there isn't a great deal I would want to knit, this bag is calling to me.

It's made with Noro Kureyon, using a mosaic technique that looks more complicated than it is. I know that Kureyon is delightful. It feels a bit rough and scratchy to start with but after washing it is transformed, and the colours, words fail me.

I made a Booga Bag out of it

Here she is in the garden (note the long grass). I feel another bag coming on.

Various people have asked about Birch, so for all of you (and that means you, Lixie) the pattern is from Rowan Magazine Number 34, but was also published in Prima Magazine (which is how I came across it) but I don't know which issue. One of the customers at work very kindly brought the pattern in for me - no, not a photocopy, the actual pattern - but she brought only that page and there is no indication as to when the magazine was published, though the model is shown wearing "Dress, December Prima Pattern" and on the reverse there is "A New Year Gift to Treasure" showing a cross-stitch cushion with 2004 in the centre, so maybe you could work it out, Sherlock?

Speaking of Lixie, who believes she is cyberstalking me - the boot is entirely on the other foot, my dear, her blog entry about kool-aid dyeing has inspired me. I have done extensive research (Just START, Kate!) and discovered a colour chart and various articles. Here's one and here's another, from the excellent Sarah Bradberry. (Warning: do not go here if you haven't got time to spare!) I have established a source of Kool-Aid in the UK and I am pondering my colours. Stand by!

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