Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Secret is Out

Yes, the girls went out last night and had a very enjoyable dinner, thanks for asking.

I handed over the "secret thing" to Clare. Now all can be revealed.

A while ago, I knitted this poncho for Margaret, it's from Magknits and here she is modelling it in the bar at work:

I'm not a great fan of ponchos, I didn't like them first time round and I still don't like them now. Nevertheless, Margaret requested one, we settled on this one and there it is. She was so pleased that she gave me a gift voucher for my LYS, Shipston Needlecraft, and I bought this with it:

There are 25 lovely patterns in it and I wanted to make them all. I contented myself with choosing one for Clare's present and here it is with the yarn:

It is really very pretty and a piece of cake to knit. The only problem was that I mis-read the pattern and ended up making the bag very slightly taller than the original, thus running out of yarn on the handles and necessitating a mad dash to Shipston to obtain another ball of Rowan 4-ply Soft. Everyone knows you can't walk into a yarn shop and get out without buying more than one ball of yarn, don't they?

So I've now started a chunky cabled and beaded bag in bright pink Rowan Big Wool and also have the ingredients for another bag, also in pink. I think I must be going through my pink period.

Naturally, there are still no pictures but you will all be pleased to hear that the camera is returning from Egypt late tonight and you won't have to look at old knitted stuff much longer.

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littlelixie said...

Have seen that book around but have never looked inside it. That bag looks gorgeous. Bet she loved it.