Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Only Twelve Hours Late

The reason is I've spent the day at Ikea with Clare. She bought loads of stuff; I bought hardly anything. There's enough stuff in my house to last several lifetimes, so I hardly need any more. However, I did buy an "Ikea PS Fangst".

What is it with Ikea and the naming of parts? Why is "Billy" a bookcase? What is "Grogg"? (It's a drinking straw, if you were wondering.) In general meanderings today I found the Ikea Game. It's great fun - a total waste of time, but great fun.

What is this "Fangst"? Why, it's this, obviously:

Still no wiser? It's a "small storage solution". I'm going to hang it from the ceiling and use it to store yarn. Mine's black and I bought two. Judging by the amount of yarn in the house I have seriously underestimated the number of "small storage solutions" required.

The storage of yarn is a constant problem. Yarn in my house is stored in boxes, bags, baskets (oh, and the freezer); it's stored in the bedroom, in #1 daughter's bedroom, behind the sofa, under the piano, in the airing cupboard, in the cupboard under the stairs; it is stored (sneakily) behind the books on the bookshelves, in (opaque) plastic containers labelled "dried peas" (who's going to look there?) It is not, however, stored under the bed (but it probably soon will be).

I hope Ikea won't have anything to do with the yarn under the bed. They almost certainly won't if Stephanie's experience is anything to go by.

The result of the day at Ikea was that I didn't get the needles into my hands until 9.30pm. I have managed to finish Birch, though she is unblocked. I have also finished the Cranberry bag, though she is unsewn. Pictures tomorrow, if you want candy.

Off to start another bag from the 25 bags book. Will I run out of yarn (again)?

Oh, and many, many thanks to #1 son for my button, which I hope you see there in the sidebar on the right. If you want one, have one, but please save it to your own server. (This from the woman who didn't know bandwidth from a band-box a few short weeks ago.)

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Samantha said...

What a great idea; using "Fangst" to store yarn!