Friday, July 29, 2005

The Corset she is off the needles.

Yes, indeed. Here she is:

Literally just off the needles. I need to sew on buttons. In fact, I need to find buttons to sew on. I need to do the crochet up the front, round the neck and down the other side.

Verdict - Nice result, no thanks to the pattern, which has various mistakes - there is nothing that anyone with half a knitting brain couldn't fathom but it is irritating. Some of the corrections. posted on Annie's site, had, in fact, already been corrected in my version of the pattern. That could have caused confusion.

I might have made the next size up, though if I had, I don't know if the hip shaping wouldn't have been too ample.

This is a detail of the pattern over the hips. When I tried it on, it is a little loose over the hips. Not terribly, just a little. The next size up would almost certainly have been looser. See that cast-off there? This was the third attempt. First, I cast off on the right side, in pattern. No good. Then, I cast off, on the right side, in knit only. Also no good. Third and final time - I cast off on the wrong side, in knit only. Bingo! I think it looks good. I don't know about you, or the knitting police.

The yarn (Debbie Bliss Cathay) - I used almost all of three balls in the main colour and one ball, with some left over, in the contrast colour. I have not done the edging yet, though, so time will tell. The fabric is very slinky, with a wonderful drape. There is some slight evidence of pilling already, so I cannot speak to how it will hold up in wear. I used a 3.5mm needle and 3.75 is recommended. That's not unusual for me, being the loose knitter I am. This yarn shows great stitch definition. Here's a detail of the waist shaping:

All in all, I'm very pleased with the corset, though it really showed me why I tend to knit lace shawls. There is no question of "to fit, or not to fit?" with a shawl and when a shawl is off the needles it is very nearly done. Yes, lace usually needs to be blocked but I love that bit - it brings out the magic. Who knows how long the corset will lounge around the knitting basket, looking sultry, and waiting for buttons?

It was a relief to put a round on Rosy Fingers this morning. I'm on round 130, just creating a few "mountains in the rain". I had thought this would be finished by now and I'd be cleared for take off on the Mystery shawl but the corset put me back. Why do I always do this? I like to slip a small project into the middle of a larger one.

Anyway, I've started a swatch(!) for the Mystery. Using the Artisan Merino and 3mm needles. This yarn is very skinny (technical term) and I think I'll need to use an even smaller needle. I'm pleased to see that Renee, the designer of the Mystery, mindful of the great variation in yarns chosen for the project, is going to give a version for skinny yarn, too. Pictures tomorrow - it's so skinny that 8 rows is not really enough to photograph.


littlelixie said...

when you take a pic of you in the corset will you wear a hat? Do you make the hats?

Heather said...

Beautiful! I really love the stitch detail. Come on, let's see it on you!

Marie(-doggy) said...

Can't wait for the Mystery shawl swatch!