Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sale Time

I haven't been to Shipston Needlecraft for a while. What with being in hospital and being so intent on getting on with Rosy Fingered Dawn, there just hasn't been a minute to spare. I shot in there this afternoon to get some yarn for the corset and discovered they are having a sale. Oh dear, oh dear - my yarn budget was fairly healthy - note the past tense there. I still haven't managed to get the pattern for the silk corset to print properly but did find out how much yarn was needed. I've got four balls of what I am calling "burnt orange" and two of "gold".

Can't wait to get started. I've decided to make the smallest size, it is, after all, a corset and by definition should be close-fitting. The sizing is a bit odd, I think. The smallest size is 35 inches, the next size is 38.5 inches. (You really wouldn't get very many of those to the pound, would you?)That's quite a difference. I do not think my assets are as small as 35 inches but there is no way they are as big as 38.5 inches. I am trusting to the forgiving nature of the knitted fabric and hoping for the best and yes, I suppose I will have to do a swatch.

Shipston Needlecraft also had some new Adriafil yarn in stock. I've given you the link to the Italian version of the site. You can change the language to English but I couldn't stand the bad translation. I prefer to read it in the original language and since I can...(she said, showing off). I wonder if I should offer to translate the site for them? I got this:

Some stuff called "Fizzy" - 25grams, 27 metres, 9mm needles recommended.

I'm doing a quick necklace. Cast on 4 stitches on to the shiny Addi Turbo 9mm circs. Slip the stitches back to the left needle, keeping the yarn behind, give the yarn a tug. Knit the four stitches. Do it again and again. You are making i-cord. You are making a necklace. I think a loop at one end and a button at the other should do the trick.

It reminds me of liquorice allsorts. #1 daughter says it "Suits me, Mummy" I expect I'll have to make more than one.

Work on Rosy Fingered Dawn continues. I had to buy a longer circular needle, as the stitches were a bit crammed on the shorter one. While I was transferring the stitches I was able to get a better idea of how the pattern was looking:

Not bad, though I say it myself.

Oh, and I had an email from someone who's writing an article on knitting bloggers for "Simply Knitting" magazine, asking if I'd like to be included - I'm very flattered and as long as they don't make me wear any of the ghastly patterns in the mag I wouldn't mind being in. If she's reading this I'm probably right off the Christmas card list!

Cast on for the corset? Finish the necklace? Do a bit more of RFD? I don't know but it'll definitely involve needles of some description.


Daisy said...

Rosy Fingered Dawn's looking great - the colours are lovely! And the i cord definitely does look like liquorice allsorts - yummy!

snowballinhell said...

I'll be doing the Rosy Fingered Dawn for a knitalong next month. It looks lovely.