Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Lace knitting, during the knitting process, is not photogenic. Discuss.

You don't need to bother discussing. The evidence of your own eyes should be sufficient:

and to reinforce my point, here I give you Rosy Fingered Dawn, stuffed:

It's like some horrible scrotum. I am heartily sick of chart 3 (the Gate pattern). There are seven more rounds of this most boring, repetitive stuff and then we move on (and not before time.)

Aside from all that - Lixie is feeling the need to knit lace. Have I been the great enabler once again, or is it just coincidence? Whatever the case, she asked about knitting Kiri in cotton. We all know that I think cotton is the work of the devil but it wasn't always so. In my thinking about a cotton Kiri, I went stash-diving and I found this:

This is a shawl, knitted in cotton with many, many bobbles. What was I thinking? Cotton and bobbles - I must have been in a masochistic phase. It just goes to show how much of a process knitter I am that the thing is not even finished. The knitting is done (and that's all that matters) but the ends are still to weave in. The product is just so not important.

The point is, though, that this shawl is quite heavy. I'm not sure how fine a cotton Lixie is thinking of but Kiri is quite delicate and that's part of the charm. I don't know if cotton would destroy the delicacy? On the other hand, cotton certainly shows a pattern well (witness all those doilys). I did even more research (Read all about it before you start, that's my motto).

I find someone using Sirdar Calypso for her Kiri. It looks nice but I don't know how the cotton would wear - I've got a bit in stash and it is very soft and floppy (technical terrm). Here is another cotton Kiri, and this is the yarn being used. The upshot is give it a try - you could always do a swatch. (HA!)

Tari left a comment here on the blog. So I went to look at her blog and found this wonderful designer. There is a book:

I want that thing on the front (maybe, in this case, the product might just be a teeny, tiny bit important) and I covet this pink coat:

Book available here (but only in Norwegian or Danish). I tried putting some of the words into a translator (it told me I could "Book the book" - I think that would be "order" the book, no?) Maybe, when I am feeling stronger - it can't be that hard, it's just knitting, right?

Seven more rounds. Seven more rounds. Seven more rounds.


Rebekah said...

See this is why Daffodil lays untouched in my basket, same old boring row after boring row. But alas one day I'll continue it.

littlelixie said...

Thanks for the food for thought - will chew away and research alternatives. And Kate, please, really, do not stuff your lace knitting and post photos of it on your blog again. It was...disturbing....