Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombs

We are all shocked. Some of us have been personally involved. Some of us have been sitting at home, watching the BBC and knitting (because what else do you do?). I will not allow this outrage to make me change my mind. I know that democracy is the least worst way of organising the way people relate to each other. That is my last word on the matter.

And smoothly on to knitting.

I finished the OSW and I love it:

I hope I do not appear to have too much of a "chicken neck" here.

There is less chance of shrivelled skin here, I think:

Photographs courtesy of #1 daughter, who appears to be a dab hand (although she did, inadvertently, take a picture of the back door, while all this was going on.) She was under strict instructions to miss out my face and she did the job.

I can't write anymore. I feel a bit wobbly.


FaeryCrafty said...

Your OSW looks wonderful :) My prayers are with all the people affect by this horrible tragedy.

Noo said...

I love your OSW. It looks like tiger stripes!

Tracy said...

They're lovely and easy to make and so little finishing to bother about too. Keep smiling, that's what London is trying to do even though it makes the blood boil.