Thursday, July 21, 2005

Silk Corset Progress

I started the corset. I just couldn't help myself. First dilemma: which cast on? You know me, read all about it before you actually do anything. I consulted Montse Stanley, who details over twenty cast-ons. Since the finishing of this corset requires a crochet edging I decided on the "Cast-off cast-on", popular in Japan it seems and looks just like the chain cast off:

So how many times do you count 149 stitches to be sure you really have 149 stitches? Once? Twice? In my case it was about four times because I kept getting a different number. I really have got to get a grip!

All the stitches are safely on the needle, the lace edging is done and I'm just ready to cast off for the armholes:

Arty-farty picture of corset lounging in the lavender bush.

I didn't make a necklace - I made a bracelet:

Arty-farty picture of hand, with bracelet, lounging on the basil plant.

I had to make one for #1 daughter - she wore it to school and it was much admired. I didn't bother with a loop and a button - I picked up the four loops from the cast on and did a three needle bind off. It's fine.

The postman was burdened with this little lot this morning:

Isn't it just to die for? I don't know why I bother knitting bracelets:

This is the yarn for the mystery shawl along. Ordered on Tuesday, arrived Thursday. Thanks to Gill at Woolly Workshop. It's lovely.


Emily said...

That yarn is gorgeous!!! Im going to be eagerly watching to see how gorgeous your shawl is as it progresses!

littlelixie said...

That yarn is certainly divine - you have such good taste. I am very tempted by the corset too. Will keep an eye on how yours progresses!

C x said...

Do you have any more info on how to work the cast off cast on? I'd really like to know how its done.