Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Handover

So off we went to The Farrier's Arms and had the most delightful dinner. The bag was handed over and Caroline looks pretty pleased, don't you think?

Caroline's got the bag!

I've spent most of the day joining the Fiber Arts webring. (I still can't get used to spelling Fiber like that - it's "fibre" in Britspeak.) Can I get the button to show up on the blog? Well, do you see it? No, thought not.

Added later:I've got the button in the sidebar! BUT it doesn't work. Don't even think of clicking on it. Teething troubles. I can do this.

This blogging lark can eat up enormous amounts of knitting time. I had to tear myself away to put a few rows on the "Heirloom Shawl" from Canadian Living magazine. I'm knitting this for Margaret (Caroline's Mum) from Shetland 2 ply in white. Yarn available from Jamieson & Smith. It's a very pretty pattern but it is riddled with mistakes. I found some corrections here but it's not a big help, as the corrections assume you have the chart and I've only got the text version. Things improved mightily when I put some markers between the pattern repeats and made sure I counted the stitches on every "plain" row. So it's going along quite well at the moment.


Heather said...

The bag looks lovely!

The blog looks great too, well done on the links! The fibre arts button worked fine for me. I have recently started a blog myself and I know what you mean about the time it takes up. Many happy hours have been spent trying to work out how to make a button appear where I want it to and then yet more to make it link to where it is supposed to!

Thank you for linking the page of corrections for the Heirloom Shawl. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on knitting this. I printed the pattern out myself a while ago and it is in my pile of things I would like to knit soon.

Do you mind if I put a link to your blog from mine?

Happy blogging!

littlelixie said...

I agree with heather - having the links on there is wonderful. I had made a boogle bag or whatever it's called with i-cord handles but I love the one you've done. And now I have pattern too! Yay for blogs!